Personal Injury

I received a notice of subrogation from my health insurance company. What is it?
Health insurance companies send a notice of subrogation to alert you that you might need to reimburse it for the costs of medical care you received and the insurance company paid for as a result of an accident. Typically, a health insurance contract grants the insurer a right to recover monies it paid for the treatment of your injuries when you get paid moneys from or on behalf of the person who caused the injuries. This is the right of subrogation. We can review the notice for you and determine whether the insurance company may enforce its subrogation interest. We will negotiate with your health insurer to try to reduce the amount of the insurance company’s subrogation claim to maximize your net recovery from a personal injury award or settlement.

What is my claim worth?
Don’t believe any insurance adjuster or attorney who tells you they know what your claim is worth. There are too many variables and factors and each case is unique. At best, an adjuster or attorney may be able to suggest a range of what a jury might award you or what the insurance company might pay to settle the claim before you file a lawsuit. Here are some factors: (1) the county in which the suit will be filed; (2) whether or not you are partly to blame for the accident (known as comparative fault); (3) the severity of your injuries; (4) the type and extent of your treatment; (5) the nature of the accident; (6) the type of potential defendant; (7) the amount of your medical bills; (8) whether you missed any work; (9) whether your injuries are temporary or permanent; (10) the level of your pain; and (11) your credibility. This list is not comprehensive. An understanding of the facts related to your claim will aid in estimating the appropriate value for your case. Call us today to find out what your claim might be worth.