Personal Litigation

First Amendment Free Speech
We were retained after trial to appeal a $6.7 million verdict against a client who allegedly violated the New Hampshire Consumer Protection Act by speaking out against referenda in a local town election. We defended the client’s First Amendment Free Speech rights and quarterbacked the legal team that convinced the New Hampshire Supreme Court to reverse the verdict and dismiss the entire case.

First Amendment Religious Liberty and Nonprofit Corporate Litigation
We represented a local Presbyterian church in a dispute over its corporate control when a faction of the church sought to leave the national denomination, and locked out from church property the church members who did not want to leave the denomination. Roy was retained by the segment of the congregation loyal to the national denomination, which then brought claims against the dissident trustees for breach of fiduciary duty and other declaratory relief. The case involved novel issues of First Amendment religious exercise issues. After extensive discovery, the case was tried and settled mid-trial. In settlement, the faithful segment represented by Roy recovered all of its assets, including control of the church corporation and restoration of the full value of the church’s liquid assets, minus $50,000, and agreed to transfer to the dissident congregation some raw land and a few items of personal property.

We defended an individual who was a guardian and had allegedly made slanderous statements to law enforcement authorities, administrative agencies and caretakers. The court dismissed the lawsuit upon our filing a motion to dismiss.

We protected our client’s rights who was subject to investigation by employer police department.

We represented a police officer through internal investigation. No termination.