Personal Injury Lawyers

As personal injury lawyers, we have represented many clients who have suffered tragic injuries and wrongful death due to motor vehicle collision, medical malpractice, and other accidents. We are often bound by confidentiality provisions in settlement agreements that prohibit us from discussing the terms of the settlements. We have collected millions of dollars for our personal injury clients in these cases involving tragic injuries.

Some of the types of personal injury cases for which we have represented clients include the following:

Boating Accident
Boating passenger sustained torn muscles from collision

Car Accident
Soft tissue back injury from rear-end vehicle collision

Defective Product
Surgical mesh erosion and protrusion causing substantial pain

Defective Product
Faulty hip implant causing blood poisoning and requiring revision surgery

Car Accident
Client injured in car accident causing incontinence

Bus Accident
Man run over by bus

Emotional Distress
Client suffered emotional distress by watching injury to another family member

Nursing Home Injury
Elderly man harmed from failure of nursing home to follow established protocols

Fall on Unsafe Premises
Woman experienced broken arm as a result of unsafe premises

Dog Bite
Woman bit by dog while walking on community trail

Defective Product
Surgical mesh eroded and pierced woman’s colon requiring emergency surgery

Medical Malpractice
Elderly man dies from cancer that physician failed to diagnose

Car Accident
Shoulder injury from car accident

Truck Accident
Young boy struck and killed by truck

Truck Accident
Client sustained torn labrum from truck accident

Car Accident
Driver experienced concussion from car accident

Crushing Incident
Middle aged man has his back broken when truck backs into him

Fall at Unsafe Premises
Elderly woman suffered detached retina from fall at pharmacy

Motorcycle Accident
Motorcycle operator suffered numerous broken bones when struck by a car driven by an uninsured motorist

Death from Motorcycle Accident
Pursued wrongful death action resulting from a motorcycle accident on behalf of an estate

Gender Discrimination
Represented two plaintiffs in gender discrimination brought against the State of New Hampshire based on their supervisor’s conduct

Off-Road Accident
Client suffered serious injuries from off-road vehicle accident that included memory loss and brain injury

Client suffered electrical shock from unsafe premises

Brain Injury
Middle aged woman suffered traumatic brain injury from motor vehicle accident

Wrongful Death
Pursued estate’s wrongful death action resulting from a pedestrian being struck by a car

Drunk Driver
Pedestrian was in crosswalk and struck by drunk driver who ran red light

Defective Product
Client injured after ingesting wire from defective barbecue grill brush

Car Accident
Elderly woman struck by another driver who ran red light and suffered a broken hip

Unsafe Elevator
Client fell exiting elevator that was not even with the floor and suffered fractured tailbone

Untreated Walkway
Represented person who slipped and fell on untreated ice in front of retail establishment causing serious head trauma

Car Accident
Woman suffered severe injuries after a truck went through a stop sign and t-boned the client at an intersection