Trial Lawyers & Legal Advisors

Legal Services

At McCandless & Nicholson we strive to provide excellent legal services at a fair price as personal injury lawyers, non-profit legal advisors, criminal defense & DWI lawyers, and civil litigation trial lawyers. Our goals are to exceed your expectations, to handle your legal problems skillfully, to work with you in a collegial, collaborative attitude, and to handle your affairs ethically, with focused determination.

Trial Lawyers

We can help you recover money for pain and suffering, lost wages and to help you pay medical bills when you have been injured. We can defend you against criminal charges or fight disciplinary action from regulatory licensing boards. We work alongside nonprofits, churches, and religious youth camps to help them fulfill their missions, navigate risks, deal with local authorities and the IRS, and avoid problems. We represent individuals and businesses in lawsuits, both in defending against claims and in bringing legal action when necessary to enforce your rights.

Legal Advisors

We are trial attorneys and dedicated legal advisors who will provide you with sound legal advice. We look forward to working with you.